Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors


The use of mirrors in a home can dramatically change the space and flow of any room. The reason for this is, while you are consciously aware of the fact that there is a mirror, when you simply look into a room without acknowledging the mirror, the mirror reflects an open space, which dramatically increases the minds eye “size” of the room. This is such a simple and useful tactic to create the feeling of space in an otherwise cramped area.


A mirror’s frame can also help to accentuate other decorations, or even become a central piece in your room. Mirrors function not only as a means to fix yourself up in the morning, they can offer so much more.


Tell us about your experience hanging a beautiful mirror, or how a mirror helped your room to seem much larger than it actually was, we’d love to hear from you!


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Hanging a heavy…

Hanging a heavy Mirror

Have you ever wanted a large heavy mirror, but were afraid to hang it on your own? Well Now you can hang it with these tips from some great professionals!

1. Look for the mounting point and make it exact! If you are centering the mirror above a mantle, make sure it is in the exact center of the mantle. You can also simply find the exact center of the wall and mount it that way.

2. If you have a stud finder, make sure you mark the exact spot on the wall where you find the stud!

3. Make sure to measure your mirror so it will be exactly centered.

4. Mark positions for the mounts.

5. Position and mount screw eyes near the bottom of the mirror! This will distribute the weight more evenly.

6. Double up your wire when pulling it through the screw eyes and mounts. This will also help to distribute the weight evenly.

7. Secure the first end, and create a restraint with a bit of scrap wire. This will keep the wire from separating. A crimp with the pliers will keep it tight. Repeat this at each junction of the wire. This will keep the separate strands together and make it easier to handle.

8. Loop the wire through the screw eye and then tie it off.

9. Lift the mirror into position, this will allow you to see how it fits into the space. When it’s in the desired position, mark the wall at the top of the mirror. Draw a level line across the wall where you had marked the mirror.

10. Pick two adjacent studs and draw lines along the center of the studs to the top line. Measure down 4 to 5 inches from the top line along each stud centerline, mark the point, and secure your hangers. Use hangers that are rated to handle the weight of your mirror!

11. After hoisting the mirror back into place, run the wire through the hangers!

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Materials and Tools:
wire cutters
tape measure
carpenter’s square
stud finder
18-gauge single-strand wire
D-rings and screw eyes

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