Shower? Bath? Both?

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary for your beauty and wellness regimen – finding the perfect shower, bath, or combination of the two, is essential to this decorating puzzle. So which do you go with? The shower enclosure? The shower bath? First things first – do you enjoy showering exclusively, or do you enjoy the occasional soak in a nice warm tub after a hard day? With this in mind, begin to evaluate the space you have in your current bathroom to determine the most practical approach – those with a smaller space may want to go with the shower bath combo to save space and money, while those with more room to work with can consider the dramatic shower enclosure. 

Shower enclosures are the perfect option for bathing beauties who enjoy a more luxurious showering experience and want to make the most of a larger bathroom space. Shower enclosures tend to be a bit more expensive than a shower bath combo, but at A1 Metro Mirror and Glass we specialize in working with clients using any size budget and any amount of space. Our goal is to provide you with a bathroom bathing experience you will enjoy each day, whether you enjoy a morning shower, an evening shower, or both! 

Read more about making the best decorating decisions here:


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